5 Cs of Credit in Loans X-rayed

The “5 Cs of credit” are the  key factors that lenders consider when reviewing a borrower’s creditworthiness and ability to repay a loan. They are; Capacity: This can be seen as a borrower’s ability to repay a loan based on their current income and financial obligations. Here, Lenders will first of all look at a … Read more

Strategic Update on Kiakia Loan

Kiakia loan is a loan finance platform that gives personal loans for mostly employed in Nigerian and Ghana at a considerate interest rate . Kiakia means fast fast in English language the concept behind the app is to provide easy fast and accessible loan especially with no collateral, documentations or guarantor. How To Apply For … Read more

7 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria with low interest

There are several types of loan apps in Nigeria today that functions well, this apps provide small scale loans for customers who need them. They provide loan as high as above 100k with low interest. If you have been looking for loan apps with low interest this article puts your search to an end as … Read more

Victory Finance Loans

Victory Finance Loans

Hello, have you been looking for how to get a loan from agencies in other to expand your business and it’s likes… Have you been asking if Victory finance loans are legit and how to get a loan facilities from them. Search no more because you are in the right place..Yes you are in the … Read more


Getting a loan in Nigeria is not always easy, whether it’s from a loved one or an institution or a loan company,  almost everyone probably has one or two stories they encountered where they had to obtain a loan.. In this blog post I will take you through simple steps on how to get loan … Read more


How to Borrow GTB Loans

  Do you need money fast and you don’t know what to do about it, I will guide on how to borrow GTB loans as fast as possible. So you go to your bank(GTB) and apply for a loan, provide the requirements, get approved and get the money you need. When it comes to getting … Read more