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See how a TikTok Influencer Earned $800 extra Dollars in Just 4 Hours with Luggage side Hustle.

With increase in high cost of living, tanks to rampant inflation, many are looking for ways to increase their income streams. A side hustle can offer you extra cash each month, providing additional money by doing occasional tasks or taking on regular freelance work.

A side hustle is a great way to earn money, but it’s even more enticing when it doesn’t take too much time away from what little time you may have left after working your day job. It can make life draw you closer to achieving a particular financial goal or help you pay the bills as inflation persists.

AMERICANS and some other countries are finding ways to save some money or bring in extra cash as inflation is hitting all aspects of everyday life.see how this TikTok influencer earned more ..

How do Travis Bolton ( TikTok Influencer) earned $800

Travis Bolton, who goes by idaddytrav on TikTok, shared a video showing his side hustle.
A TikTok influencer shared his side hustle which allows him to make his own hours while bringing in hundreds of dollars a week.
Travis Bolton delivers lost luggage in his side hustle
Travis Bolton delivers lost luggage in his side

He walked his nearly 15,000 followers through one of his days delivering luggage.
Not just any luggage, but the lost luggage separated from travelers.
When he’s not working on weekends or over the summer, he puts in some hours reuniting lost luggage with its owners.
For one week, he made $800 working four hours.
He does explain that some muscle is required as there are pieces of luggage that can be quite heavy.

How was lost Luggage Reunited?

Lost luggage is stored at a warehouse
Lost luggage is stored at a warehouse. Credit: TikTok: idaddytrav
If you’ve ever flown, you know there’s a risk of your bags not making it to their destination.
When that happens, airlines do their best to get you your luggage in a timely manner

Travis took his followers to one storage warehouse where he explained how he goes there to pick up his assigned bags.On this run, Travis loaded up 19 bags in his SUV.

How Did He do it?

Travis uses the app, InRoute, to organize his deliveries
Travis mapped out his route.
On this day, he made 10 deliveries.
He said he uses the app to help him deliver everything efficiently.
He chooses addresses that are in his vicinity – on this day it was a 52-mile radius.
Travis piles the luggage in his SUV
He loads his car in order of his deliveries.
He starts with the farthest point and makes his way toward home.
Some will require him to drop off more than one piece of luggage.
He said not everyone tips but it’s appreciated.
His biggest satisfaction is when the owner is happy to see their lost luggage.

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How Did he find this Side hustle

Lots of people commented on his side hustle post asking him how he found this job.
He wrote that he’s been doing it since 2017, when he Googled “driving/delivery jobs” and a listing came up for the job.
He does not work for the airline, but rather the company he is contracted by is called Xpress Bags.

How you can get started and start Earning

You can either work freelance, any lucrative side hustle or short term jobs..According to an August survey from McKinsey & Company. That’s up from 27% of the employed population who were part of the so-called gig economy in 2016 till date..

Affiliate marketing can be attractive to pursue because there are low costs and low risks attached. You promote businesses’ products in return for a commission, according to AhRefs. Experts have said all you need to do is create a website and the business is easy to grow.

You can launch an online business selling books by scanning the bookshelves at thrift stores, looking for items that you can sell online.

For instance Erin Welsh, a legal intern and law school student, also works as a performing musician at nights and on weekends to help pay for law school as well as to sock money away for her upcoming wedding. She admits the additional work cuts into her social life, but said it’s necessary to pay the bills. 

Most people hire live music Fridays and Saturdays and even in something like a wedding, having an acoustic musician play during a cocktail hour is really popular right now. So snapping up those sorts of gigs are how you sort of make ends meet,” she said

I advice future business people to avoid potential side hustles such as crypto currency and drop shipping. This is because digital currency markets are “too volatile” and entrepreneurs that pursue a career in drop shipping face high competition.

Final Thought

The success of others tells you that with hard work, time, and the right knowledge, you too can potentially reach those levels.”Get a side hustle today and get started, do it consistently and earn more.

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