7 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria with low interest

There are several types of loan apps in Nigeria today that functions well, this apps provide small scale loans for customers who need them. They provide loan as high as above 100k with low interest. If you have been looking for loan apps with low interest this article puts your search to an end as it discusses loan apps that offers low interest and can give up to 100k and above…

What is a Loan App

This is a digital application that allows borrowers for instant loan access.

Basically, a loan app is an app where you can take out fast loans. All you need to do to get started is just to download the app on your smartphone, input your bio-data and other requirements and apply for a loan through the app. Within a short period, the lenders will grant your loan depending on the terms and conditions of the loan applied.

Top 7 Loan Apps in Nigeria With Low Interest…

Below is a review of the top 6 loan apps in  with low interest rates in Nigeria;

1. Carbon Loan App

This loan app was formerly known as paylater..this app provides you with investment opportunities.. It is a fast growing loan service that is available to you through your mobile phone…The have two major packages; loans available to salary earners and the other for everyone else…This app can be used in paying other bills like bill payments, cards etc

2. Branch:
This is another loan app that gives you loan without collateral, all you just need to do to get started is registering by providing your personal details. After registering, you can now go ahead to apply for loan minimum of #1000 and Maximum of #300,000, interest inclusive..this loan app offers a low monthly interest t rate of 3% – 21%, and a 15% – 34% annual interest rate.

3. Aella credit:
This loan app focuses on employees with a stable income and are associated with different credit bureaus in Nigeria..This app makes it easier for individuals looking for loan to get quick access…This app makes use of an algorithm to determine the debtor’s credit worthiness before approving the loan…This loan app offers a maximum of #1,000,000 with a low interest rate of 6-20% ranging from 1-3 months with no roll over fees.

4. KiaKia:
This loan app is a quick and easy to use loan app that offers you loan within 7-30days Ranging from #200,000 with considerate interest depending on the loan nature.

5. X-credit:
This is another loan app that is not that popular but it has a lot of good loan package put together for customers.. this loan app offers loan within the range of 5years and do not necessarily needs a collateral…They offer as low as #2000 and as high as # 500,000

6. 9ja cash:
This app works very well, although not popularily known. You can borrow as high as N300,000, Within the period of 180 days. With the interest rate of 1% and 34% respectively..

7. Fairmoney Loan App
With the FairMoney loan app, you can get instant loans in minutes, purchase airtime and pay your bills all in one platform. Also, this app is known to offer low interest rates to customers. To start, just download the app and input your biodata…

How To Apply for Loan

Before deciding on how to apply for loan, first of all compare the different loan platforms by using the different comparison platform which allows you the benefits of each app offers within minutes. This ensures that as much as possible, you’re only going for the offer that works best and guide for you…

The application process is simple and applies to all these applications. Simply start by downloading their official app from play store and then start registering. On successful registration, you can then apply for a loan. Also, note that while some apps puts a cap on the maximum amount a new user can borrow and increases it over time, loanspot.africa has little to no hurdles..



Borrowing a loan these days is not very difficult as at before.. All thanks to loan apps. However, you still need information on the loan app in Nigeria with low interest rates. Above, you will find all you need to know about the best loan apps in Nigeria that offer loans with low-interest rates..

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